The problem has been to reduce costs by reducing the number of disc springs.
We solved this problem by proposing an even stronger material.

A vertical machining center is a machine tool that attaches a blade to a spindle to drill or cut holes in products.
A disc spring is laminated on the spindle crank and plays an important role, such as supporting the centering of the workpiece.
Since machining centers rotate at high speeds (30,000 revolutions per minute), the disc springs that support the shaft have a significant impact on the accuracy of the machining center. For this reason, high precision is required, so they are called precision disc springs.

The most important thing to consider is strength. In addition to being able to withstand high-speed rotation, product life is also important in order to reduce running costs. In the past, the strength of disc springs was proportional to the number of disc springs, so it was common sense to use many disc springs to increase the strength.

However, as the number of disc springs increases, the cost also increases, so there was a need to reduce the number of disc springs.


  • Strength to withstand high speed rotation
  • Extending product life to reduce running costs of disc springs
  • Reduce the number of disc springs to reduce costs

Proposing strong materials and halving the number of disc springs

Therefore, we take advantage of our strength in being able to propose materials. In other words, by using a stronger material, we have achieved greater strength than before while cutting the number of disc springs in half. We have achieved cost reduction by cutting the number of disc springs. This has been proven in quality evaluation tests by ensuring the required strength.
In addition to proposing materials, we meet strict requirements with designs that pay attention to details such as the shape and thickness of the disc springs.


  • It strongly helps the main spindle to hold the tool.
  • It maintains stable rotational balance even at high speed rotation (30,000rpm).
  • It boasts excellent durability. (Repetitive load over 2 million times) High precision disc springs are used in the main spindle of machine tools.

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