Providing materials that can withstand harsh environments ensures long-term operation and reduces maintenance costs.

Cooling towers are essential for large commercial facilities

Cooling towers are installed on the rooftops of large facilities such as buildings and shopping centers to release indoor heat outside. Cooling towers use large rotating blades to send air and use the heat of vaporization to cool water.
Couplings are used to transmit the power that rotates the fans. In the case of a large cooling tower that uses blades up to 4 m long, there is a distance of several meters from the fans’ reducer to the motor. Therefore, there are various requirements for connecting them using couplings.

Regular inspections are now sufficient for maintenance. Specifically, since only element needs to be replaced, this greatly contributes to cost reduction.

Of particular importance is the material. Durability was an issue because they were used outdoors and in extremely humid environments. Previously, steel was standard material. However, DPI took advantage of its strength as a group company of Daido Steel and proposed a stainless-steel coupling that is resistant to rust. Stainless steel is a material that is difficult to process compared to steel. However, DPI' cutting processing technology is able to handle this problem.
In recent years, shipment of CFPR couplings, which is non-corrosive and lighter and stronger than steel couplings, has been increased.

Application example to cooling tower

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