Use of this Website

Use of this Website

This website is operated by DPI Ltd.
Please note that Customers, etc. are aware of points set out hereinafter when they use this website.
Please note that the Company may make revisions to terms of use therefor without notice.

Scope of Use

Unless set out otherwise, the Company has the ownership of all contents posted on this website or the right to post thereon.
Customers, etc. are free to browse the contents (image, audio, text, etc.), but they are prohibited to use (including reproduction, distribution, modification, public transmission, reuse and forwarding) the same in any manner and for any purpose, without the Company’s prior written approval. Please note that if Customers, etc. use the contents without the Company’s approval, Customers, etc. may violate the Copyright Act or the Trademark Act or infringe the portrait right or privacy.


The Company does not make any warranty for this website. The Company will not be responsible for any errors in the contents of this website nor liable to Customers, etc. and other third parties for any damage which may result from the use of this website. The Company also will not be liable for any software/hardware accidents and other damage which may result from the use of this website. Please note that the Company may make revisions to information posted on this website or change file names without notice.

Handling of Personal Information

For the handling of personal information, see Privacy Policy.


For the Company’s website, the Company uses “cookies” for the purpose of improving convenience for Customers, etc. Customers, etc. may, through the setting of a browser(*1)Customers, etc. are using, block “cookies” or ensure that a warning is indicated when Customers, etc. receive “cookies”. However, if Customers, etc. block “cookies”, the contents of services provided on the Company’s website, in part, may be affected thereby.

(*1) Software to be used to browse webpages on the Internet. It refers to Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.


From design to manufacturing and quality control,
DPI will use its unique know-how
to meet your requests.

Inquiries TEL
03-5956-9175 (Parts business)/03-5956-9176 (Coupling business)
Business hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
(Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and our company's holidays)

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