We have jointly developed an anti-seismic system that takes advantage of the characteristics of disc springs.
Disc springs are also used as building materials.

We take advantage of the characteristics of disc springs to reduce earthquake shaking.

Buildings in Japan, where earthquakes occur frequently, require measures to protect against shaking, such as seismic isolation, earthquake resistance, and vibration control.
DPI has jointly developed with OBAYASHI CORPORATION an anti-seismic system called “Brake Damper” that utilizes the characteristics of disc springs.

Vibration control refers to absorbing the shaking caused by an earthquake, while quickly restoring the distortion caused by the shaking to reduce damage to buildings.
When shaking occurs due to an earthquake, buildings can withstand up to a certain level of shaking. However, if this level is exceeded, the building itself will be deformed in response to the shaking to avoid damage to the building.

A Brake Damper absorbs shaking by the friction generated between a stainless plate and a friction plate, similar to when a car applies the brakes while driving.
Anti-seismic systems include oil dampers and unbonded braces. Unbonded braces buckle after one shake and need to be replaced. On the other hand, Brake Dampers do not require maintenance and do not need to be replaced because they do not get damaged even after repeated shaking due to large earthquakes.

It can be used not only for newly constructed buildings but also for vibration control reinforcement of existing buildings. It has been used in the reconstruction of Toranomon Hills, Kumamoto Castle, and overpasses on the Kan-Etsu Expressway.


Brake Damper explanatory material 1
Brake Damper explanatory material 2

Our technologies such as disc springs, thin plates, and surface treatment demonstrate high precision.

DPI manufactures disc springs, which are the main components of Brake Dampers.
The most important feature of the Brake Damper is that it allows for setting the slip strength.
The slip strength of one set of disc springs is determined numerically. For example, you can set it to withstand shaking up to a seismic intensity of five, and to cause shaking when it exceeds that level.

Slip strength: How many kN the load must be before it starts to slide.


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