With Japan's top technical and proposal capabilities,
we are able to meet customer requests for a wide range of products.

What is the coupling?

A coupling is a device that connects a driving shaft and a driven shaft in a rotating part to transmit power. When power is transmitted, misalignment occurs in the center of each shaft, such as in the horizontal direction. Couplings play the role of absorbing these misalignments and transmitting power smoothly.

DPI’s coupling technology

We were the first to introduce metal plate spring (flexible disc) type coupling technology in Japan. With the technology we have cultivated over more than 50 years, we are able to handle a wide range of fields

DPI was the first company in Japan to introduce the metal plate spring (flexible disc) type coupling technology, which was brought to the United States from England, and has provided the technology to all industries to this day.
Our disc type couplings are characterized by long lifespan and easy maintenance. Therefore, they are used in a variety of equipment such as rollers, semiconductor sensors, and testing machines in paper and steel plants. What is required is a wide range of responsiveness. DPI has leveraged its many years of know-how to meet demands based on machine size and operating environment, as well as micro-level precision.
For example, a cooling machine (cooling tower) installed on the roof of a building is large and located in an extremely humid environment, and there is some distance from the motor (drive part) to the propeller (driven part).
Therefore, we select materials with excellent rust prevention properties and weld the parts together during manufacture.
In addition, since accuracy is required in sensor coupling, we use a different material between the vibrating parts to absorb vibration and reduce misalignment.
As a leading manufacturer, we utilize the knowledge and know-how we have cultivated over our long history of over 50 years to respond to a wide range of fields.

FORM-FLEX coupling
Micro Coupling

We boast the top market share in Japan and have strong proposal capabilities. Depending on your request, we consider materials and respond to high-mix low-volume production.

DPI's couplings are characterized by high-mix low-volume production. Couplings used in engine testing machines, etc. have different shapes depending on the machine, so off-the-shelf products cannot be used.
For this reason, DPI is involved from the design stage and creates products from scratch that meet the needs of our customers. Another major feature of our company is that we can provide integrated production including processing and assembly.
Additionally, by taking advantage of being a member of the Daido Steel Group, we are able to make proposals based on materials that suit the usage conditions and environment. In the past, we have a track record of making proposals for materials for couplings that are used in environments with temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.
In this way, we offer a wide range of customization options. However, the plate spring (flexible disc) design has not been changed in any of our products in order to transmit the power as designed. By fulfilling the function of a coupling while responding to customer requests, we have long boasted the top share in domestic customization demand.


From design to manufacturing and quality control,
DPI will use its unique know-how
to meet your requests.

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