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Company profile

For the many years since our foundation, we have been contributing to industry as a manufacturer of various types of precision machine parts and as a supplier of key components of compressors for various industries, utilizing our technological know-how required for sophisticated processing in those industries.
Our manufacturing technologies have been developed over the years for various types of heat treatment, precision machining and precision surface grinding, and are highly evaluated in every sector.
To respond to continuously diversifying industrial needs, besides manufacturing precision machine components, we are enhancing our capabilities in the field of machine parts, such as commercial power transmission products, for greater customer satisfaction.

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Corporate name Daido Precision Industries Ltd.
Initiation In 1933, founded as Tokyo Tokushu Kogu Seisakusho.
In 1948, reorganized as Tokushu Seiko Co., Ltd. in Nerima-ku, Tokyo.
Capital Yen 90 million
Major shareholders Daido Steel Co., Ltd. and Daido Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Employees Approx. 200
Product lines

Parts for machines including compressors, etc., Belleville springs, and power- transmission systems
Typical applications

Freezers, Shinkansen trains, automobiles, machine tools, industrial machinery, etc.
April 1933 Founded as Tokyo Tokushu Kogu Seisakusho.
May 1948 Reorganized as Tokushu Seiko Co., Ltd.
June 1963

Technical cooperation on an electro-magnetic clutch with Pinch Bamag AG, Germany.
November 1973

Technical cooperation on Flexible Coupling with Formsprag Co., a division of Dana Corp., USA.
April 1976

Founded Daido-Sprag Ltd., through joint investment with Daido Steel Co., Ltd. and other firms
September 1995

Foundation of Daido Precision Industries Ltd. by merger with Daido-Sprag.
Head office moved to Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo.
April 1996 Ranzan Plant completed in Hiki-gun, Saitama.
April 1998 ISO9001 certification acquired.
January 2004 ISO14001 certification acquired.
August 2006 Expansion of Ranzan Plant completed.
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