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Innovative technologies

Alloy steel Flexural plate, clutch plate
Bearing steel, spring steel Disc spring, thrust race
Stainless steel Compressor valve, 2-cycle engine lead valve
Maraging steel Disc spring
Heat-resistant steel Turbocharger parts
High alloy steel (High Cr cast iron, etc.) Turbocharger parts
Ni alloy: various Inconel alloys
Heat-resistant springs, semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts
Ti/Ti alloy Valve, disc spring
Aluminum alloy Micro-coupling
Engineering plastics (PEE) Valve plate
Carbon composite (CFRP)
Coupling spacer, automotive measuring instrument parts

¡Press process ¡Grinding process ¡Heat treatment process
150-ton press Duplex surface grinding machine (Quenching, annealing, vacuum heat treatment, etc.)
    Roller hearth furnace, vacuum furnace
¡Laser cutting process ¡Precision lapping ¡Welding
Laser cutter Lapping machine Spacer welding machine
¡Machining process ¡Barrel polishing process ¡Dynamic balance adjustment
NC lathe (Rotary, centrifugal, fluidized, etc.) Dynamic balance tester
Machining center Automatic barrel polishing line  

We carry out various processes involving different types of heat treatment, precision machining, highly precise grinding and polishing technologies, using the following equipment.

¡Cutting and forming
Category Equipment pecifications Quantit
Shearing Shearing MAX 6.4~2000 1
Saw cutting Saw cutting MAX 400 3
Press Crank press Pressure capacity 150,80,60,12t 6
Laser process machine Laser process machine MAX t10~W2000 1

Category Equipment pecifications Quantit
MC Horizontal type machining MAX X500~Y450~Z450 3
MC 1 axis vertical type machining MAX X450~Y200~Z450 4
MC 2 axes vertical type machining MAX X750~Y450~Z485 3
NC NC lathe MAX 350D 16
NC NC vertical type lathe MAX 350D 1
CNC CNC with rotating tool MAX 20D 1

¡Heat treatment
Category Equipment pecifications Quantit
Quenching, tempering Roller hearth furnace MAX 500D~50t 1
Quenching, tempering Mesh belt furnace MAX 180D~20t 1
Quenching, tempering Vacuum furnace MAX 90kg^charge 1
Quenching, tempering Box type electric furnace MAX W800~L1700~H500 6
Quenching, tempering Salt bath MAX 400D~H600 2
Sub-zero Sub-zero tank MAX W500~L500~H500 1

Category Equipment pecifications Quantit
Grinding Small duplex grinder Process range 10`45D~20t 2
Grinding Large duplex grinder Process range 30`250D~50t 1
Grinding Surface grinder Chuck effective diameter 500D~150H 3
Grinding Vertical grinder Chuck effective diameter 1100D~300H 4
Polishing Grinding stone lap MAX 180D~15t 6
Polishing Powder lap MAX 160D~10t 4
Polishing Lap master MAX 160D~0.4`50t 6
Polishing Polishing MAX 180D~0.09`10t 2

¡Surface treatment
Category Equipment pecifications Quantit
Barrel grinding Automatic rotary barrel 500liters~12 tank triple type 1set
Barrel grinding Rotary barrel 400,300,200liters, and others 6
Barrel grinding Oscillation barrel 450,300,130liters, and others 5
Barrel grinding Centrifugal barrel 40liters~4 tanks, and others 3
Barrel grinding Dry fluidized barrel 40liters~3tanks 1
Barrel grinding Wet fluidized barrel 190liters 1
Shot blast Shot blast 400D~500H 1
Shot blast Air blast 200D~500H 1

Category Equipment pecifications Quantit
  W/G automatic welding For W/G link plate 1
  Large welding machine Chucking diameter MAX 600D 1
  Small welding machine Chucking diameter MAX 300D 1
  Automatic welding machine Chucking diameter MAX 300D 1

Category Equipment pecifications Quantit
Dimension measurement Three-dimensional measuring instrument Travel distance X500,Y400,Z400 1
Surface check Magnetic flaw detector   1
Shape measurement Profile measurement tool   1
Roundness measurement Roundness measuring machine MAX 300D~500H others 2
Metal structure Microscope, etc. Various 5
Hardness test Rockwell, etc.   10

¡Inspection equipment
Three-dimensional measuring tool, roundness measuring machine, surface roughness detector, shape measuring tool
Laser measuring device, load tester, microscope for metal observation

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